My services include:
Bowtech The Original Bowen Technique
Ear Candling
Bush Flowers

Bowen Therapy 
The Bowen Technique is an holistic, effective and simple type of body work, which aims to treat the whole person, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
It is a gentle rolling over of the muscle fascia, tendon or ligament in specific points of the body, with 2 minute interludes to allow the body to adjust to these stimulations which facilitates the body to heal itself by helping to restore blood flow, oxygen and nutrients, as well as improving lymphatic drainage.  
The muscles are then able to return to their correct tension and length, thus allowing the skeletal system to realign.
It has a long lasting calming effect on the nervous system, which allows the body to return to its natural balance. It also helps to restore the immune system.
Bowen therapy uses a vibrational energy, which makes it safe to use on anyone from newborns to the elderly.  It can be helpful to improve complaints of frozen shoulder, headaches, gynecological complaints, body balancing, teeth grinding, abnormal posture including leg length discrepancy, joint mobility, sinus, problems associated with the knee, ankle, back, sciatica, the list goes on.
Generally most patients require 2 – 3 treatments for the treatment to be most effective, but of course this is entirely individual.  Most people have a reduction in their symptoms after the first treatment.  Each treatment usually lasts for about an hour with a brief discussion about your wellbeing before laying on the table.
Many clients have increased energy and experience more refreshing sleep after treatment.
It is most important to increase water intake and go for gentle walks to maximise benefits of treatment. 

A form of holistic medicine that treats a patient individually.  It is a system of “like cures like” and was founded in 1783 by Samuel Hahnemann (a Physician, Chemist, Linguist and Historian of Medicine). A thorough case is taken of the patient and a suitable remedy made from a plant, mineral or animal is matched to that individual patient.  A remedy is “succussed” (repeatedly shaken) after dilution to potentise it. 

The importance of good nutrition and lifestyle is paramount in helping to reduce pain in some situations.  A diet rich in fruit, vegetables, adequate water, complex carbohydrates and good quality proteins as well as essential fatty acids are essential to help deal with the stresses of daily life.

Ear Candling
Ear Candling is an ancient remedy which assists the removal of excess wax and toxins from the ear canal.  It has been used with beneficial results for Candida and fungal infections, migraines, headaches, sinus pain, glue ear, toxic residue from medication and foggy head.

Bach Flowers
Bach Flowers were discovered by Dr Edward Bach.  They are the essences of plants used to treat our fears, cares, anxieties and worries which usually precede disease processes.  Many of you have probably heard of or used Rescue Remedy, which is fantastic for all types of physical or mental shock, trauma, terror and panic, various emotional upsets.